Uggkv Review: Uggkv Scam Or Legit?

Uggkv another Online Shopping Scam

Hello and welcome to Uggkv Review. After writing about thousands of scam sites, every day we found other different scam sites coming on the surface. Is Uggkv Scam? Considering the present time we should ask questions straightly.

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The aim of writing articles against scam sites is very simple. Scammers take advantage of people’s ignorance, we are trying to vanish this ignorance. It is like leveling the playing field.

UGG is a renowned American footwear brand. To sell branded products, a site needs some kind of agreement or license. Uggkv doesn’t have any license or agreement.

For Uggkv we don’t have to look for agreement because we are 100% sure, it is a scam site. Why Uggkv is a scam site? The points are discussed below.

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Don’t just read the article, spread it. As our reach is limited if you aware people around about a scam then we can increase our awareness drive.

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Why Uggkv is Scam?

  1. Different Site and Domain Name

Scam sites that are disguising like a branded product site always have a different site and domain name. For instance, this particular site name is ‘UGG’ but the domain name is ‘Uggkv‘.

This site is also created in a way that people don’t look for such loopholes present in scam sites.

  1. Zero Transparency

For any eCommerce website, to get a loyal customer is imperative. People always come back to those sites which don’t hide about their working.

Information about the owner of the website is very important. We should know who you are going to trust with your hard-earned money.

Uggkv site has not shared any information about its owner or creator. Uggkv is also an eCommerce website, but we don’t know about any person who is working on this great site.

The Scammers behind the Uggkv have hidden their identity form people. They have guarded their information in WHOIS records as well. It means Uggkv cannot be trusted with your money.

  1. Discount a Trap

The Uggkv scammers have made their site in such a way that people focus will be on discount only. We all want to have a branded product, but the high cost never allowed us to get branded products.

Scam site took advantage of people’s desire and offer products at a discount rate. People also believe in such offers and always fall into their trap.

Therefore, always become beware of all those sites that are ‘too good to be true offer’.

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  1. Security Measures

Every genuine eCommerce website always takes necessary measures to save its customer privacy and data.

Uggkv, on the other hand, has no security measures. The reason we believe is that Uggkv is self-sufficient to misuse the information of its member information.

  1. Social Media a Mine

In the present time, social media is like a mine for the eCommerce website. Therefore, having a social media account has become imperative for everyone.

Marketing of the product is means reaching out to the customer. Uggkv doesn’t want to reach their customers. They have no presence on social media account.

Not having a social media account might not be a point of authenticity. It is still a point of ‘seriousness’. If a site is not serious about their working, then it can be anything but not genuine.


The Uggkv is a scam website. Do not make any purchase on this website. It is not going to deliver your order. If they do then the product will not be appropriate. Do shop online only with known websites.

We must share the right information with others. We have share it with you, now it is your responsibility to share this message or information with people near and dear to you.

To defeat the scammers, we all have to do a joint effort. As alone we can’t do much but together no one can defeat us.

Read our article It will make your perspective more clear why we fall in a scam at first instant.

This article will help you to take the right step at the time of crisis.

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If you have doubts about this site please share it with us. Any experience with this site or any other scam site is also welcome. Share your incidents with us, so that more people will be aware of different ways of scam.


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