Target Easter Mystery Box Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Target Easter Mystery Box Reviews: Usually when I return home from work or from shopping I get changed into comfortable clothing and discard my bra with an “Target Easter Mystery Box” sigh because it feels so much better not wearing one. Since I was introduced to the Target Easter Mystery Box, I now do the opposite and say “Target Easter Mystery Box” when I put it on.

Target Easter Mystery Box

I am not the only one amongst my friends who takes their bra off the minute they can due to the discomfort. My best friend Rose, like me, was always looking for a comfortable bra, and one day she dropped by to show me this new bra that she had bought called the “Ahh Bra”, she said it was the most comfortable bra she had ever worn bar none and was absolutely delighted with her appearance.

Rose had seen an infomercial for the Target Easter Mystery Box  and thought it looked like a solution for us women who were tired of tussling with under wires, slipping straps, hooks, and padding, not to mention the red marks and indentations left behind on our skin.
I decided to purchase one and find out for myself if this was my answer to the everyday discomfort I had become accustomed to over the years. I confess, like many women, I have probably been wearing the wrong size bra for years and I do not truly know what my actual bra size really is, (I believe it is 34D or maybe 36C, I’m not exactly sure) so it was comforting to know that the Ahh Bra fits you according to your shirt/sweater size instead of the complicated bra and cup sizing measurements.
Personally I would have preferred to be able to buy one at the local Shopping Mall but unfortunately the Ahh bra is not sold in stores so
I had to order mine online and wait about a week for delivery, this was a little bit disappointing but it turned out to be well worth the wait.
The bra is one piece made with a combination of 96% nylon and 4% spandex which is stretchable and moulds to the breasts… I find
I need to gently adjust my breasts within the Ahh Bra to get a perfect fit, but once adjusted the comfort level is very impressive, and I also love the look and support the Ahh Bra gives me. The seamless deep body is bliss and feels wonderful against my skin, my breasts look lifted and separated with no visible outlines under my clothes.
There are no bulges and the bra does not roll up, although I saw a review online where the women was saying that it rolled up on her, however I can honestly say that mine has never rolled up on me.
For the first time I find myself returning home from work and not throwing off my bra. I find that I am wearing the Ahh Bra around the house all evening without even realizing that I have it on… It’s just that comfortable!
I was skeptical about the washing instructions but followed them to the letter, and against my better judgement I put the Ahh Bra into the tumble dryer, I was pleasantly surprised when it had retained its shape, color, and form. This to me is a real plus point, as I hate hand washing clothes and then waiting for them to dry.
I go horse riding twice a week and thought I would try out the Ahh Bra instead of changing into my usual piece of sports engineering!
I must say, the Ahh Bra was quite supportive but it is clearly not designed to be a heavy duty sports bra, although I do think that wearing two of them might solve that issue.

One thing I did notice is the fabric expands with you and contracts again! I went away for a couple of weeks during the Christmas holidays and there was a lot of good living going on and I gained a few pounds, but the Ahh Bra felt as good and as comfortable as ever. I know some larger ladies need to sleep in a bra and the Ahh Bra would be perfect for this, you could sleep easy and not even notice the bra is there.
I am very satisfied with the Ahh Bra and it suits me and my lifestyle. It moves with you not against you and actually looks great when used as a camisole style top under a shirt or sweater giving it a fashion use as well. I would prefer to see a greater variety of colors and even patterns as this would add to the versatility of this great new addition to my wardrobe.

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