Surreal Unicorn Bra Reviews: Surreal Unicorn Discount Code

Surreal Unicorn Bra Often times we spend too much time putting too much strain on our bodies, our hands and wrists in particular. Repetitive motions can cause stress on the wrists and lead to wrist and hand pain and even arthritis and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So take frequent breaks and don’t overwork the wrist.

Surreal Unicorn Bra Massage

A therapeutic massage by a certified therapist can provide some much needed pain relief for sufferers of arthritis and carpal tunnel.

Hot / Cold Compress Surreal Unicorn Bra

Surreal Unicorn Bra Alternating an ice pack and a heating pad or hot, wet towel on the affected area can help heal and relieve the wrist and hand pain. Alternating hot and cold on areas of muscle and joint pain forces blood in and out of the capillaries bringing nutrition to the affected muscles and flushing waste out of the affected area.

Yoga Hands

Yoga Hands are a set of devices that are worn on the hands to provide gentle stretching to help relieve wrist and hand pain, cramping and fatigue. Yoga Hands are made of sturdy plastic with foam wedges in which you slip your fingers through. They gently stretch your hands, can improve circulation and relieve pain from the hands and wrist.

They are comfortable to wear but you want to start out slow and wear them for just a few minutes at a time when you first start using them. Your muscles and joints are likely stiff, by using Yoga Hands overtime your hand muscles and joints will become more flexible and you can gradually use the product for longer periods of time. Yoga Hands (and Yoga Toes if you’re having foot pain as well) are available online at Surreal Unicorn Bra for $39.95.

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