nine9 talent scam

There is a considerable amount of commotion and disarray encompassing what is being pegged as the Nine9 Scam.

Nine9 The Agency, facilitated at, is an ability organization that plans to give the devices and assets required for hopeful ability to discover achievement.

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Propelled in 2003, Nine9 once mirrored a positive reputation yet as the years as rolled ahead those once positive audits have transformed into intense allegations by many.

To adapt additionally with respect to the authenticity of Nine9 and WHY others trust Nine9 to be a trick, we welcome you to keep perusing our impartial audit.

What is 9Nine:

Nine9 is an ability looking for office that gives openings extending from TV and film to business, music video, runway, print and special castings, gigs, and the sky is the limit from there.

Operated from:

Based out of Michigan, Nine9 has prepared their ability organization in the course of recent years and states that they will keep on working in significant markets across the nation including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Detroit (Corporate) alongside Los Angeles and New York.


It ought to be noticed that Nine9 isn’t a throwing organization, however an ability office.

Implying that throwing organizations are employed by generation organizations to cast ability for movies, ads, music recordings, runway show or print advertisement.

By examining or booking an ability, a throwing organization finds the most appropriate ability for a particular job.

While an office, (for example, Nine9) goes about as a delegate for the benefit of the model, character or entertainer.

They don’t speak to any ability as they are not an organization. Anyway Voice Over Talent can go along with them, in the event that you are likewise keen on customary demonstrating/acting gigs. You can incorporate your voiceover connections inserted on advanced card.

Reviews based on people experiences:

Over the past years reviews about 9Nine agency have been changed dramatically, Fir example have a look at the people experiences which they shared on Better Business Bureau

“The company required me to write my credit card information on paper. Within hours of signing up, my card was being used for Lyft rides. This was Monday evening. I was contacted by my bank on Tuesday night regarding the charges. I called the company Wednesday morning to cancel and was told they have a no-refund policy regardless of whether or not their employees are stealing your information.”

“Then presented all documents, and mentioned a payment of $499 for the agency fees and a payment of $39.95 that will be made every month to keep my profile online. Then, they took pictures of me to start my online portfolio. I was about to realise my dreams so didn’t really say anything and signed all contracts thinking of my new career! When I left the office, I talked to my friends about this who figured out it was a scam as no one should pay to sign with an agency”.

“This company tricks people into spending $499 on professional headshots and then takes a few “temporary” DSLR photos and never actually schedules the real photoshoot. This is a complete scam and they won’t give my money back when all they did was take a few photos of me and charge me $39 to use their “website services” which just list dead-end modeling and acting gigs”.

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Employee Review

A few past employee called 9Nine a Scam. In there words expressed on

                                     ” A Scam!”


Nine9 is an ability office that might most likely discover you discover a throwing open door for an assortment of ability propelled ventures.

Notwithstanding, given the negative comments pending against Nine9 The Agency, we accept that there are better choices accessible until further notice.

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