Nikki Catsura Death Photos – find out how she died

Nikki Catsura Death Photos – Nikki Catsouras story broke today, we weren’t astounded. It’s not the first run through MySpace or other web based life locales have been up to speed in unpleasant stories.

She acquired the keys to her dad’s Porsche 911 Carrera, a vehicle that goes zero to 60 miles an hour in under five seconds. She had never determined the Porsche.

As per state roadway watch reports, at roughly 1:45 p.m. last Halloween, Nikki Catsouras was voyaging 100 mph on State Route 241, close to Lake Forest, Calif., when she cut another vehicle and lost control, going crosswise over paths over the middle and hammering into a solid fee collection counter. She was executed immediately.

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