Denver Truck Wreck Video

denver truck wreck  video The Imagination Station books are published through Focus on the Family.  In these children’s books a moral or ethical situation is encountered or a historical event is discussed.  With each story the situation or event is addressed through a fantasy experience via the “Imagination Station.” These adventures help young readers denver truck wreck  gain a more comprehensive understanding of historical topics and Christian principles.  For example, in The Redcoats are Coming! the readers learn about the Revolutionary War.  Uncle Whit, the keeper of the Imagination Station sends Beth and her cousin Patrick back in time to deliver a letter to Paul Revere.  Beth and Patrick find themselves on an adventure; meeting founding fathers John Hancock and Samuel Adams, collecting musket balls, and being falsely accused of spying.  The cousins and the reader learn a great deal about the historical events transpiring in Concord, Massachusetts in 1775 denver truck wreck .

denver truck wreck  The book is recommended for ages 7 and up and is listed as a grade level of 2.5.  There are elements of the book that are suspenseful and may upset children that experience fear from tense or uncertain situations.  The topics of war and death are introduced, but not discussed in detail.  The book is an excellent resource for introducing historical concepts and ensuring that children are aware of the strong influence Christian leaders had in our country long before the introduction of separation of church and state.  The details of the story are not all historically accurate, but the plot and characters lend themselves to helping children start asking the right questions about American history

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