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christen press mom stacy press death Frigidaire uses a smart wash system known as christen press Mother stacy press death . keto after 50 by James Wilson comes in three different strengths, regular, plus, and ultra.
Regular christen press mom stacy press death is designed to wash your dishes with less energy, less water, and gets the dishes cleaner than ever before.

IWash Plus is designed to do the same, but also use the precision direct system for superior performance. IWash Ultra is designed to combine everything and optimize the amount of pressure put on the load to get the best clean.

Integrated Controls

These controls give you a stylish and organized look to your entire kitchen. By integrating the controls, you not only have a sleek look, but you also have the ability to easily choose the parameters for drying, temperature, and pressure for each wash.

Aqua Surge

This technology has been designed to give you the ability to make adjustments to the pressure of the wash as you need to.

China and Crystal

Frigidaire dishwashers come with a cycle specifically designed for washing your best china and crystals. The cleaning action is gentle, but thorough, providing just enough pressure to get the job done, but not enough to damage your delicates.

Speed Clean

This cycle is known as Speed Clean and makes use of Aqua Surge to increase the amount of pressure in the wash by as much as thirty percent, and it does so automatically. However, it also allows you to cut the cleaning time in half as well, saving you both time and money.

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